Wednesday, June 01, 2005

my poor blog

after many days i am actually lookin up this blog.......i can see the cobwebs and spiders et al. but here i am now to just post my news........the main news in the past one week is the visit of my bro.he had been in germany for the past one year.and yes...he brought many chocolates too...along with the fattening items, he has also brought a laptop for toshiba A50....nowadays playin on the laptop is wht i usually do.....sometimes i feel so ashamed tht i dont do any serious stuff on it......but wait till i get admission into a b-school.
talkin abt b-school i got 98.45 percentile in cet....i really hope tht i get into some coll atleast this time....i have become very impatient to get into a coll and start studying....but adi told me tht the coll wont start till august....damn.

wht it rained.the first rain of the year...i love when it washes the earth of all its sins....everything thing around u turns green.....wht a lovely feeling......but when it rains heavily then its a diff story....all the road blocks(especially the ones tht the gov has dug up everywhere.), the humid climate, sitting with the wet clothes on.....sheeeeeeeshhhhhh....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

stalked by a guy

all of u gurls must have heard or even experienced dumb guys who just pester u even if u let them know tht they r irritating....well even my dearest friend had such a person in her life...whenever adi came to me to tell abt him i wud suggest her many things to him and saying him on the face.....or letting his parents know abt his behavious towards her...or rather telling her own parents abt it so tht they cud deal with him strictly...or simply ignoring him......well....i never knew how easy it was to give an advice...but how difficult it was to go thru the trauma of someone stalking u....

i was chatting the other day....when i met a guy...he wanted to talk to someone....i clearly mentioned before hand tht i was a guy and was not interested in talking with the same sex....but he insisted.....we talked for a little while and then he asked my number....i casually, without giving a second thought, gave him my mobile number....he chatted for a was getting bored so gave him an excuse and left him for good.later i receive an sms from him,"nice talkin to u....lets meet up sometime...." and soon his call came....i was why wud he like to meet me????!!! i had more important things to do so i didnot pick up the call...but i stored the number as "dont answere"....after tht day i got 3-4 sms and many calls from Mr.Dont answere...but i never replied to even one....the whole thing was being a bit day i was on a bus to andheri when a call was not listed on my phone so i picked was Mr.D A. from a PCO. i was i had to talk with this guy(shit!!!) we talked for a while and he started complaining tht i never answered his calls and all....i gave him a lame excuse and tried to veer the topic elsewhere...the other topic tht he was interested in was to meet now i am really scared.....why does a stranger get so desperate to see me??? i told him tht i was busy and we cud chat sometime ...and while chatting ..we cud fix up a place to meet..... but he was adamant....he went on asking me wether i had time on sunday....if not then monday??? tuesday fine???.....and so on.....i tried my level best to be polite and told him tht i really dont know when i have time to spare....i made a desperate gesture to shake him out of my tail...i said,"i cannot hear u...the signal is weak....will chat sometime later" thts the last i have heard of him.....i dont know now how i am supposed to get rid of him...may be hard talk might do the trick.....but in tht situation u dont feel like doin something like tht.....u become wary of whtever u say....

we as boys usually dont worry abt these things until we ouselves are put into the same must be really scary especially for i cannot even avoid his call.....GOD knows where he will call from next....but sure this time i am gonnna stop being the nice guy so tht he will always remember whom to forget....

but this whole affair has made me realize how dumb, guys can be....when they stop respecting the modesty of women....its really bad tht many gurls are put into silent suffering 'cause of these very sadistic ppl....

Thursday, March 31, 2005

and HE plays a joke........

i am basically a very optimistic person.....i rarely get bogged down when i fail....but tht doesnot mean i can never be sad or dejected??!!! i am talkin abt my MBA admissions....GOD had played a cruel joke on me....HE awarded me with a decent percentile in CAT. u all will be wondering as to why i consider it as a cruel joke......well here is the story....
i had joined as a classroom student in ims and was realy inspired to give mba exams by my elder bro. all pumped up in some month last year...but as i and adi started giving our simcats in dadar,we realised tht CAT was way away from our we took it cool and pacified eachother tht we'll study hard for CAT but will give the other exams better instead. the first scene of the joke was grim....i was in the hospital with my friend.poor guy's father was fighting cancer(he succumbed to it in some day in feb.) sitting in the cold waiting room of the hospital i was pacifying my friend when my mom called....she excitedly told me tht i have got 94percentile in CAT....i cudnt believe my ears...i became very happy but the situations was otherwise...this was the first part tht HE started playing....never expecting such high scores in the actual exam i and adi had never bothered to apply newhere. coincidently just one coll had postponed its dates...MICA.i had always wanted to do marketting and here it was( as if HE was enticing me to take the chance).i was sceptical of applying over there and suddenly it became the last weekend to give the application. u'll never believe how i gave my MICA form....very dramatic...very riskily...barely....but it reached there on time(HE made it sure tht by hook or crook i had to fill up the form even if it was one of the last entries!!!). i had also applied in KJ Somaiya. MICA tests and GD PI went fine...and again i was back to waiting for the days to go by.i had made a few mistakes in my PI whch my bro pointed out and was worried abt it. my neighbour aunty knows a bit of astrology and she said tht according to my stars i would get whtever i wanted and also i'll go away from my mom to study. it became obvious tht i would get into MICA(HE was there all this while...i know HE was enjoyin every bit of it) i started dreaming about my life in MICA, the lectures, the laptops,the friend circles and all...later the day of the KJ tests came...fortunately i had read the papers and got a chance to put some of the current affairs into the written tests...i became confident whch i carried with me in my GD PI. now i became so confident tht i was in a deliema as to whch coll to take when i get offers from both MICA as well as KJ???!! MICA results came.....i didnot get thru....i was stupified.wht happened to my stars??? where did they all go???? but as i was... after a bit of dissapointment i gathered my courage and waited for my KJ results....yesterday night when i checked the site at 2 in the morning i got another shock....did not pass in there too!!!! wht happened? it was a very good GD PI...i was dead sure tht i wud get thru...where did it all go wrong?i am sure by now tht HE will be in a rib tickling laughter after seeing my i am waiting for HIM to strike again...i have applied to wellngkar and CET too....i can feel his malicious laughter...let HIM only decide whts good for me..........

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

my dream Posted by Hello

Hi guys

Where there’s a will…….

Life has been rocking post engineering……….but not rocking in the real sense….there has been a series of triumphs & disasters. It all started with belling the CAT in November, cracking the SNAP in December, NMAT in January…………..CET followed next. Now appearing for these entrance tests has become a routine.
Both Vini (vinay) n I appeared for all these tests. We did get reasonable results too ,but as the saying goes ”so near yet so far” still stands witness to both of us… We haven’t succeeded anywhere as yet. Hope the future has something good in store for us……amen
We did get bogged down many a times but at the same time became pillars of strength for each other.
We motivated each other & my dearest buddy vini nutures the notion that we r gonna land up in the same B-SCHOOL some day… be it.
The months post November have been depressing. I have been through a series of health hazards be it lung infection., bronchitis, pneumonia, skin ailments…..whatever…it still drives me nuts when I think about it. I was on the verge of slippng into depression if not for my wonderful parents and my two good friends vini n Mahesh. I owe a lot to them.
They have been with me through thick & thin. One more person who has influenced my life is the poet WILLIAM ERNEST HENLEY……His ‘INVICTUS’ motivated me then & it still does. It has taught me to find inspiration within myself, challenge myself & be my own role model….
I truly believe in the lines “ I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”
Its my privilege to share with u the very motivating verses …….


Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods maybe,
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstances
I have not winced nor cried aloud,
Under the blugeonings of chance
My head is bloody but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how straight the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.


to my best friend

thanx for openning a brand new avenue for me to pass my time fruitfully..... u r simply a goodiebag for me......netime i put my hand in, i get somethin better than the last time...:-)

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